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Dr. Pretorius assists patients and the general public in obtaining healthy nutrients.  Brain & Cardiac Complement is a Healthy nutrient developed in collaboration with food scientists that contains omega-3 fish oil and coconut oil.  It is a convenient and economical alternative  to purchasing these two products separately or mixing them yourself.  Recent reports from Austria and Malaysia showed that combined medium chain triglyceride from coconut oil and Omega 3 fish oil, together with a healthy diet, is very effective in lowering unhealthy levels of triglyceride (dissolved Fat) in the blood stream.

Our impression is that use of healthy nutrients instead of unhealthy ones, such as excessive amounts of carbohydrate or processed, omega 6 oils is an important aspect of a healthy diet.  For those who might be sensitive to fish or prefer a purely vegan diet, Brain & Cardiac Complement also comes in a chocolate coconut flavor, using the highest quality, dark chocolate available.  A third product line contains black seed curry which was known to the ancients as a healthy food and has an extensive literature (more than 400 references in the National Library of Medicine) supporting its many positive effects.  All of these products contain only small amounts (less than 1 gram or 4 calories per serving) of sugar and are part of a healthy diabetic diet.

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