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Semaglutide Weight loss Program


What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide, a subcutaneous injection, is a long-acting analog of a naturally occurring hormone in the body Glucagon-likepeptide-1 (GLP-1) GLP-1 is a peptide hormone produced in the small intestine that stimulates insulin secretion and inhibits glucagon secretion, which slows gastric emptying, and helps control appetite – all of which aid in weight loss.


Quick Facts about our program:

  • Once a week shot
  • People on average lose 1-3 pounds per week
  • Monday through Friday hours from 8am to 4 pm at Cornell office
  • Wednesdays at Greenup office
  • Reduces appetite and improves cravings
  • Weights will be taken weekly in order to track your progress



How does the medication work?

Semaglutide may help stabilize your blood sugar. It targets multiple receptors throughout the body related to appetite and hunger. While using Semaglutide, patients have been known to lose weight because GLP-1, the key hormone involved, may slow the rate at which your stomach empties food. Semaglutide may also block the hormone glucagon that causes your liver to release sugar. The combination of these mechanisms supports appetite control, making you feel less hungry, and therefore eat less food.

Cost of the Program

* Each price covers 4 weeks of injections *

12.5 units (0.25mg) = $75.00

25 units (0.50mg) = $100.00

37.5 units (0.75mg) = $150.00

50 units (1.0mg) = $200.00

75 units (1.50mg) = $300.00

100 units (2.0mg) = $400.00

112.5 units (2.25mg) = $450.00


Don’t take Semaglutide if you:

    • Have a history of Thyroid cancer in your family
    • Have Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia  Syndrome Type 2
    • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
    • Have a history of Pancreatitis
    • Are allergic to Semaglutide or any other GLP-1’s



Common side effects include:

    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal pain
    • Constipation

** If you do experience any of these side effects they usually subside after your body becomes acclimated to the medication. Prescription medications can also be prescribed to help with the side effects. **

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